We Scale

At The Hatch, we understand the value of speed to market and the scale of digital products. We help start ups  tackle the challenges related to scaling their digital products. With over 36 years of industry experience and an impressive customer base at the financial service industry, we are well  positioned to eliminate bottlenecks for founders, refine digital products  and position them for growth through access to our network of  partners and clients in Africa and beyond.


Because we believe that we are stronger together with collaboration with startups, we will do whatever it takes to help startups be successful . We evaluate startups for strategic fit for our businesses and future businesses and explore strategic partnerships that further accelerate the products for the benefit of both parties.

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We are in the business of acquiring startups that complement or fits into our existing products and business models, startups that drives our company into a new and profitable market or any disruptive technology products.

Co – creation

It all depends on the area where help is needed, we partner with startups jointly to develop and accelerate adoption across our network of partners and clients.