About Us

We Build, We Nurture , We Scale.

We believe in the boundless potential of financial technology and its ability to achieve maximum financial inclusion in Africa and Globally.

Why we are here

  • TO BUILD great products, and also co-develop products that will serve the needs of low income households, the financially excluded and also advance the financial well-being of financial consumers
  • To NURTURE great talents and idea to scale by providing resources and a conducive environment that will stimulate the growth of digital products
  • TO SCALE up talents and solutions that serve millions of consumers in Africa and globally.

What we do

The Hatch lab offers program that are designed to identify, nurture and scale great innovations that have the potential to transform the financial service sector  in Nigeria and Globally.

Creatives and  start ups need support and an environment that fosters creativity. Through its well structured and  methodical approach, The Hatch identifies great ideas, nurture and develop great digital businesses that scale.

We grow and provide our Start-ups in a rich Fintech ecosystem that  has the potential to change the lives of every individual that has an experience with us.

Apply to The Hatch Incubator Program

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The benefits we offer:

Office Space

Free office space and internet access for the team

Coaching and Mentorship

Learn from a diverse network of industry and technology leaders.

Partner Resources and Tools

Access to tools and resources from our technology partners


Access to our network of the most relevant customers and partners

Business Support

Support from the brightest entrepreneurial minds


High quality training on how to build scalable products

Our ultimate goal is to build ground breaking Fintech solutions that will greatly impact the financial service industry and ultimately address the issues of financial inclusion in Africa and globally. As we grow the Fintech innovator ecosystem, it is our belief that the lives of everyday people will be impacted.

We are here for you if meet the following criteria:

  • Have a brilliant and innovative idea that solves a specific problem in the financial sector
  • The idea must be innovative and economically viable
  • Founding team must be passionate, have the skills to build the solution and must be able to execute
  • The founders must consist of at least two or at most three individuals
  • Must be committed to the programme for the period for 6 months, with an extreme focus on building the product , validate the market acceptance